Matthew Swartz White

Front End Developer

About Me...
I got my start with programming on a graphing calculator, one day the teacher handed out a printout with a simple quadratic program on it. You would punch in your a b and x, and it would spit out the two answers. That is though, unless the answers were imaginary. Part of me wasn't satisfied with that limitation and some 7 years later I'm a fully certified front end developer with a pretty rad quadratic program stashed away somewhere.
Critical Thinking:

Simon Game

A memory game based on the classic Simon toy, the objective is to correctly repeat the sequence until it reaches 20 notes long.


A working standard calculator that can show not only the result of a calculation but also the numbers that were punched in. The design is loosely based around window's metro ui.

Wikipedia Searcher

A small bar that searches Wikipedia using its api and displays the results in a bootstrap styled list.

Tic Tac Toe

A fully functional tic tac toe game vs an ai.
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